Magazine: 'Carhartt'

Today we welcome a new member of the Mensquare family! Carhartt!

From the rail construction to the street scene, over the past century Carhartt became a strong name among fashion-minded public. Originally founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889, the brand started out producing workwear for Detroit’s blue-collar workers. In 1994 Edwin Faeh introduced Carhartt ‘Work in progress’ in Europe. It was only a matter of time before this label was mainly distributed to skate shops and independent stores. This way Carhartt evolved into an iconic streetwear brand.

The Carhartt WIP collection stays true to their skate and streetwear roots featuring hoodies, tees, shirts in multiply fabrics and utility jackets designed in the way Carhartt does best. Carhartt stays true to their aesthetic and high-quality fabrics while maintaining a great price point which makes Carhartt the perfect addition to Mensquare!

The first drop of the Carhartt FW19 collection is now available online and instore!