Magazine: 'Heron Preston'

Heron Preston started out as a DJ and art director for Kanye West. In the meantime he was building his name turning out wildly successful “bootleg” T-shirts, which he covered in myriad corporate logos, like those of Coca-Cola and Nascar. Working as an art director for Kanye West, Preston was involved in designing tour merchandise and creating invites for West his fashion shows. Read more>

Preston always had in mind starting his own brand and when was confronted with the fact that the clothing industry is the second-largest polluter of the earth, it opened up his eyes. “I didn’t want to contribute to that,” he says. “I love designing, but I wanted to do better. We should all be doing better.”

Preston who always admired uniforms as the son of a cop, realized that the New York City Department of Sanitation has a uniformed force that cares about the same things that he does. It was only a matter of time before the collaboration was launched. All items sold out and with some of the money they raised, they created the Foundation for New York’s Strongest.

His latest collection still features the DSNY collaboration, with a lot of items created from recycled material. Nevertheless Preston his FW18 collection is all about his new signature design the ‘Heron bird’ witch he uses on tees, hoodies, sweaters, jackets and accessories.

The future looks bright for Preston and his brand as he is seen as one of the rising stars of high-end fashion these days.