Magazine: 'Daily Paper F/W19'

Amsterdam-based fashion label Daily Paper is influenced by the African heritage of its own founders. The designers focus on making timeless designs and use their own roots.  

Although their items are commonly seen among the fashion-minded youth captain it was never the intention of Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei and Abderrahmane Trabsini to create a full collection. Daily Paper started in 2008 as a blog that revolved around music, art, fashion and culture. The name Daily Paper is inspired of a Ludacris song ‘Mouths To Feed’. Where he raps: ‘Can’t keep up with the news, but I get that Daily Paper’. The name fits them because these guys didn’t blog about what was hot at the time but about their personal interests.

They started with five t-shirts to make sure their blog gained more popularity, and it did, but not just the way the three boys expected. People kept asking about the t-shirts, so they decided to make more of them and from there on it didn’t take long before the decision to quit the blog and start focusing on fashion entirely. After two years of radio silence, they released their first collection. Those two years were really needed because none of them had any experience in fashion. The only thing the three have in common is their characteristic vision and a strong affinity of where they come from.

The newest fall/winter collection features a new take on their signature cargo pants, this time they switched it up a bit and used corduroy to create a more vintage look. Daily Paper is already one of the fastest-growing brands in Europe and we think they’re not stopping anytime soon!

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