Magazine: 'Daniele Fiesoli Fall/Winter 19'

Daniele Fiesoli is focused on making great garments that suit everyone. ‘We want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them’. These products are of high quality, rich in detail and affordable for everyone. Daniele Fiesoli is the most exclusive brand from Woolgroup SRL.

The men’s line was born in the 2000’s. The main focus of the founder was to put all his know-how, passion and taste for building a knitwear collection. Which is able to join a correct price point of his products with the quality of a ‘made in Italy’ production. In a very few years, the brand Daniele Fiesoli is considered as one of the principal players in the Italian Fashion Industry.

The collection by Daniele Fiesoli runs classic knitwear with a modern appeal and is made in Italy. We think that where Represent and Carhartt lack knitwear items, Daniele Fiesoli fits in between these two brands. These three brands create the perfect corner in our store where you’re able to find great quality for acceptable prices.

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