Magazine: 'Heron Preston's Brand Signatures'

DJ, fashion designer, art director and a collaborator, Heron Preston is all of those things. Preston’s brand which he started in September 2016 is rising to the top with its unique brand signatures. Nowadays it’s hard to get around the fluorescent orange, the Cyrillic word for style and his interpretations of herons. Why did he choose the color orange and is there a specific reason for choosing a heron except his name?

When Preston was looking at YouTube videos of herons hunting for fish he got fascinated by the colors of its feathers and its character. When these birds grow up, they leave the nest and become their own. He identifies with that, to be unique and independent is always a theme in his collections. Preston wanted to incorporate the meaning of his name into the clothes. The bird is almost his sub-logo, in a way.

The orange colors are also connected to the heron. When he was looking at a photo of a heron eating a fish, he was mesmerized by its beak which had this amazing orange color. The bird has 64 species and all of them have beautiful color palettes. He loved the orange color so much and decided to adopt it and make it the signature color of his collections.

Another frequent occurrence is the use of the word ‘style’ in Cyrillic script better known as ‘СТИЛЬ’. According to Heron himself ‘It’s a bunch of vibes from my past and the meaning of my name that have all been layered together.’ It makes sense that Preston has adopted the heron and its colors as a part of his branding. The artist is as difficult to classify as the bird.

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