Magazine: 'Mastermind F/W19'

Mastermind, created by Japanese designer Masaaki Homma in 1997, sharing little about his brand to the outside world. Homma allows the designs to speak for themselves, this has been one of the key elements in building the following that Mastermind has created for itself.

Over the years Homma’s skull and crossbones gained popularity for being alternative and rejecting established norms. The iconic motif plays into the brand’s minimal dark tones that characterize the image of the brand.

While Mastermind began in Japan, it quickly gained a following all over the globe. Therefore, Homma created Mastermind World. While Mastermind Japan and Mastermind World function side by side the collections are created for separate markets. Homma started collaborating with brands such as Adidas, Stüssy and The North Face, to name a few. He wanted the brand to be exclusive with only a few stockists per country. In the Netherlands Mastermind is exclusively available at Mensquare. The stock is extremely limited due to the fact Mastermind only sells two or three items of a design to each store.

Mastermind aims to make clothes that are of the highest quality, only using top grade fabrics and techniques. All their items are exclusively made in Japan. In order for customers to fully understand Mastermind, its essential to touch and feel their garments to experience the quality where Mastermind stands for.

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