Magazine: 'Represent Clothing'

Represent Clothing is a British street brand created by two brothers, George and Michael Heaton. When they started printing logos on T-shirts for a college project, they could never have predicted that one day celebrities like the Kardashians, Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber would be wearing their clothes. But that’s what happened to Represent, the brothers both studied graphic design and started selling printed t-shirts on Instagram. From there on it didn’t take long until they blew up. For the first denim jeans, their former tailor helped them to create the first fit, which went on to be a big hit with consumers.

Especially their denim is doing very well, which is the reason why we’re such a fan of Represent, their prices range from 135-145€. The jeans have an amazing fit and for a price like this, Represent makes sure you get real value for your money. We’ve got multiple designs in-store and online, if you prefer a clean look the Essential denim is the way to go. Looking for a more distressed look? The Repairer and Destroyer denim are a great option for you.

Not only Represent’s denims are a hit for customers worldwide. They’re also impressing us with creative designs of their hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers. Which makes Represent able to create a total look.  

All in all, we’re a huge fan of Represent since the beginning and the brand has been part of our journey for the past 3 years which we’re very thrilled about. Proof of their success is that nowadays Represent is to be found in most established shops. We’re looking forward to what’s coming in the next seasons. You can shop our Represent selection here!