Magazine: 'Thom/Krom F/W19'

A monochrome design world with a philosophy to create simple but versatile clothing for the modern citizen, or in Thomas Kromik’s words: ‘To establish a brand you can simply trust!’ That’s what Thomas Kromik thought when he launched his own fashion brand Thom/Krom. Known for using a black color palette and giving twists on essential fits that have great functionality.

Kromik’s path into fashion is quite unusual. Before launching his own brand, he worked as a trend scout for a fast-fashion brand. He was on the road doing trend-scouting in Tokyo, Sydney, New York, London, and Paris. All of his trips had one thing in common, he loved the quiet nights in the city. ‘Nothing is bright, nothing is in the foreground, everything is toned down, filtered and withdrawn.’ He has always been fascinated by this mood and according to him, the night is truly what it means to be Thom/Krom.

According to Kromik, less is more. This is the reason why his collections are not too complex but just relaxed and effortlessly cool. In his Fall/Winter ’19 collection he used a mix of soft fabrics. He’s also been using bamboo for his t-shirts which is very innovative and sustainable. The collection features t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. Every item in the new collection is made in a dark tone, after all, Thom/Krom’s motto is: ‘The night is your friend my love.’

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