Magazine: 'Comme des Garçons Shirt'

Comme des Garçons, one of the hottest brands in today’s streetwear scene has arrived at Mensquare! The brand that many people consider to be a French fashion label is in fact a very Japanese brand founded by and headed by Rei Kawakubo. The brand quickly rose to fame in the 1970’s with its heavy use of black, distressed fabrics and unfinished seams. Comme des Garçons translates as ‘like boys’ in French and comes from a popular French Hardy’s song ‘Tous les garçons et les filles’

All items are handmade because the brand values the quality of hand-made garments, this is reflected in the fit and durability of all their products. Comme des Garçons Shirt is the perfect addition to our store because nowadays it’s hard to find a fashionable shirt at a good price point. To complete your outfit, you can combine this with a pair of classic pants to create a fashionable and classy look.

You’ll be able to get more CDG products soon such as a classic pair of cropped pants and if you’re more into t-shirts, don’t worry. We’ve got a selection of t-shirts coming your way. Make sure you keep an eye out for our newsletter.