Sustainability is the new standard. As Mensquare, we strive for a world full of corporate social responsibility. Together we have the goal to adapt our personal lifestyle to the environment. We too feel compelled to make a positive contribution to this and invest in the future.

Every day Mensquare is busy implementing sustainable ideas within our industry. Examples include the use of sustainable FSC shipping material, reducing our emissions when your order is delivered and leaving an environmentally friendly impression with every package. To ensure that these ideas are realized, we take the initiative in making our e-commerce more sustainable.



Our packaging material is FSC certified. This means that all our packaging material is made from trees that are responsibly managed and preserved. With this quality mark, deforestation and CO2 emissions in the world are counteracted. Strict quality requirements are set for forest managers and retailers who use FSC, including social and economic domains.

In addition to using the FSC quality mark, we use paper tape as a replacement for plastic tape and we use neutral gift-wrapping paper instead of printed gift-wrapping paper. The paper tape is fully recyclable in combination with our packaging material and gift wrapping paper. Both applications contribute to the natural look of your order. This perfectly matches your green expectations from us.

What is our goal? Mensquare strives for emission-free delivery in combination with the lowest possible ecological footprint. At the same time, we ensure that you can continue to enjoy our fast and efficient delivery service in the future. Do you have any additions to our journey towards sustainability? We are always curious about your thoughts.


‘’We hope that we can inspire you to continue the sustainable cycle.’’